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Dermatologists use woods lamp skin analysis in detecting skin disorders.

Also known as a Black Light it can be used to examine the skin for the following issues:-
Ageing skin, Alopecia, Bacterial infection, Bruising, Changes in skin colour / pigmentation, Fungus infections (such as Tinea Versicolour and Erythasma), Hair loss (eg Alopecia), Head lice, Ringworm and Scabies. Plus many other skin complaints.

Woods lamp veterinary use - Budget priced lamp (#CAPH011)
  Woods lamp (#CAPH011).
Features: Basic analysis lamp with blackout hood. 3 dioptre (1.75 times). Weighs only 1.05 kg.
This lamp is a budget priced hand held skin analyzer suitable for beauty, veterinary use and training.
Size: 29 x 18.5 x 5.5 cm.

Price: $135 (incl GST).
Click to buy this lamp now online.

Blacklight lamps (#CAPK013)   Woods lamps (#CAPK013).
Features: Professional analysis lamps with blackout hood. 5 dioptre (2.25 times). Weighs only 1.5 kg.
This is a high quality lamp suitable for medical clinics, beauty salons and where superior clarity is required.

Price: $390 (incl GST).
Click to buy this skin analysis light now online.

Set of 4 UV wood light replacement bulbs for hand held lamp (#CAPC030B)
  Replacement black light UV bulbs (#CAPC030B).
Features: Set of 4 black light globes (UVA 365nm) for hand held lamp.

Price: $30 (incl GST).
Click to buy this lamp bulb set now online.

Single UV black light replacement globe for hand held lamp (#CAPC030A)
  Replacement black light UV globe (#CAPC030A).
Features: Single black light globe (UVA 365nm) for hand held lamp.

Price: $10 (incl GST).
Click to buy this black light globe now online.

Skin analysis using wood light - #CAPK010

  Skin analyzer (#CAPK010).
Features: Lamps are made up of 6 UV bulbs. Client side adjustable mirror.
Size: 32 x 21 x 45 cm (L*W*H).

Wood lamp colours face chart (#CAPK010)
Diagnosis chart and instruction booklet included.
Price: $599 (incl GST).
Click to buy this skin analyzer now online.
Skin analysis (#CAPM008)

  Skin analyzer (#CAPM008).
Features: With 50X magnification lens.

Price: $550 (incl GST).
For hair analysis (#CAPM009)   Hair analyzer (#CAPM009).
Features: With 200X magnification lens.

Price: $750 (incl GST).
All equipment listed above is available for delivery within Australia and is covered by a 12 months return to base warranty. Freight is at an addtional cost of $16.50.
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