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Beauty trolley range
#CSTROLL2W   Beauty trolley with two drawers (#CSTROLL2W) - Black
(#CSTROLL2B) - White

Features: Stainless frame and white 2PAC finish.

Price: $335 (incl GST).
#CSTROLL1   One drawer trolleys with two shelves (#CSTROLL1B) - Black
(#CSTROLL1W) - White

Features: 2PAC finish and stainless metal frame.

Price: $335 (incl GST).
#CSTROOL1.5   Beauty trolley with two drawers (#CSTROLL1.5)

Features: Stainless metal frame and 2PAC timber finish.

Price: $335 (incl GST).
#CSTR03SHW   Three shelf cart (#CSTR03SHW)

Features: Stainless frame and white 2PAC finish on three shelves.

Price: $280 (incl GST).
#CAPA053   Two drawer model for beauty (#CAPA053)

Features: Model with 2 wide timber drawers.
Size: 70x38x90cm (L*W*H).

Price: $295 (incl GST).
#CSTROLL1D2SH   Beauty trolley with one drawer 2 shelves (#TR01D2SH)

Features: .

Price: $245 (incl GST).
#CSTROLL2D   Two drawer beauty salon trolley (#CSTROLL2D)

Features: Beauty cart with 2 timber drawers.
Size: 70x35x97cm (L*W*H).

Price: $265 (incl GST).
Trolley #CAPA101   Wide one drawer unit for beauty (#CAPA101)

Features: Beauty trolley with timber drawer and magi lamp insert.
Size: 70x38x90cm (L*W*H).

Price: $230 (incl GST).
Salon trolley #CAPA088   Two drawer trolleys for beauty (#CAPA088)

Features: 2 timber drawer salon trolley.
Size: 59x41x79cm (L*W*H).

Price: $275 (incl GST).
#CAPA054   Small one drawer model for beauty (#CAPA054)

Features: White timber beauty trolley, one drawer, two shelves, metal frame.
Size: 47x33x79cm (L*W*H).

Price: $205 (incl GST).
#CAPH044   3 tier cart for beauty salon
(White frame - #CAPH044w)
(Black frame - #CAPH044b)

Features: Metal framed beauty trolley with frosted glass shelves.
Size: 42x59x81cm (L*W*H).

Price: $169 (incl GST).
#CAPH039   3 tier trolleys for beauty (#CAPH039)

Features: White metal frame.
Size: 39x53x85cm (L*W*H*).

Price: $155 (incl GST).
#CAPH045   3 tier beauty trolley (#CAPH045)

Features: Frosted glass shelves.
Size: 38x54x86cm (L*W*H).

Price: $155 (incl GST).
#CAPE008   Manicure seat
(Black) (#CAPE008b)
(White) (#CAPE008w)

Features: Black or white, vinyl seat, three drawers.
Size: 38x31x48(75)cm (L*W*H).

Price: $130 (incl GST).

Hairdressing Trolleys

#CAPQ903   Hairdresser trolley (#CAPQ903)

Features: Salon hairdresser trolleys with 6 drawers.

Price: $138 (incl GST).
#CAPQ906   Lockable trolley (#CAPQ906)

Features: Enclosed lockable salon trolley with 5 drawers.

Price: $279 (incl GST).
#CAPH001   Hair trolley (#CAPH001)

Features: Black hairdressing trolley with anti-hair wheels and folding accessory trays.
Size: 37x67x92cm (L*W*H).

Price: $199 (incl GST).
#CAPX   Hairdressing trolley (#CAPX)

Features: Hairdressing trolley with 5 drawers. Standard hair salon trolley.

Price: $165 (incl GST).
#CAPA051   6 tray hairdressing trolley (#CAPA051)

Features: Chrome framed hairdressing trolley.
Size: 38x31x85cm (L*W*H).

Price: $149 (incl GST).
Hairdressing trolley #CAPH026   5 tray hairdressing trolleys (#CAPH026)

Features: Black metal framed hairdressing trolley with 5 compartments.
Size: 44x31x90cm (L*W*H).

Price: $89 (incl GST).
Hairdressing trolley #CAPQ901   5 drawer hairdressing trolley (#CAPQ901)

Features: Black 5 drawer hairdressing trolley.
Size: 32x36x88cm (L*W*H).

Price: $85 (incl GST).
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