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Budget Salon Woods Lamp.

Basic budget Woods Lamp for use in Beauty, veterinary and training. Delivery Australia wide.
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Sometimes referred to as a Blacklight.
Hand held model which comes with a 3 dioptre glass Magnifying Lens which is equivalent to 1.75 times Magnification.
Has a blackout hood for use when a dark room is not available.
Includes 4 x 4 watt UV bulbs (F4T5 BLB).
Electric cable length of approx 2 metres.
Weighs in at approx 1 kilogram.
Power spec is 240 volts and has Australian plug.
12 months (return to base) warranty.

How it works.
A Woods Lamp has a Black UV (Ultraviolet) light that is used to detect various Skin infections and diseases.
The exam of the specific areas of Skin can take place using a Blackout hood or in a darkened room.
Diagnosis occurs by detecting changes in Skin colour.
Skin problems are identified by different Colours - Each Colour points to a different issue.
This Lamp is commonly purchased by Beauty Salons, Veterinary practices and trainees.
For medical use we recommend our professional Blacklight.

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