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Portable Salon Facial Lamp for Skin Analysis.

Beauty Salon Facial skin analyser Lamp. Delivery available Australia wide.
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Uses Blacklight technology.
Electronic power and timer switches built in front for easy operation.
Has a blue blackout hood for use when a dark room is not available.
Has a 15 cm round adjustable Mirror inside.
Includes 6 x 6 watt Phillips UV bulbs (TL 6W BLB).
Electric cable length of approximately 2.3 metres.
Weight is approximately 6 kilograms - Light and Portable.
Dimensions of unit are:- height 45 cm, width 32 cm, depth 19 cm (door closed) and 52 cm (door open).
Includes a basic Operators Booklet and Faces Chart.
Power spec is 240 volts and has an Australian plug. Also includes a 2 amp fast blow fuse plus another as spare.
This is a sensitive piece of Equipment so you are encouraged to use a surge protector.
12 months (return to base) warranty.

How it works.
This Skin Analyser works like a Woods Lamp that uses a Black UV (Ultraviolet) Light which enables the detection of various Skin infections and diseases.
Examination of the specific areas of skin can take place using a Blackout hood or in a darkened room.
Diagnosis occurs by detecting changes in skin colour.
Skin problems are identified by different colours - Each colour indicates a separate issue.
This Lamp is commonly purchased by Beauty Salons.

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