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Two door 11 litre Salon Hot Towel Warmer Cabi.

2 door Hot Towel Warmer - CAPR032. Delivery available Australia wide.
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Capacity is 32 litres (2 x 16) and holds up to 26 Face Towels. This will vary dependant on their size and thickness.
Made up of 2 x 16 litre Cabis built into one unit.
Units operate independently of each other with individual power buttons.
Heats up to 80° C.
Includes a wired metal tray in each compartment and a drip tray for condensation of water.
A thermal fuse is also included as a temperature safety device.
Exterior dimensions - approximately 44 x 41 x 44.5 cm (Width x Depth x Height).
Interior dimensions - approximately 33.5 x 33 x 15 cm x 2 (Width x Depth x Height).
The weight of this unit is 10 kg and the doors open from from left to right.
Power specifications are 240 volts and 320 watts.
A 12 months return to base manufacturer's warranty applies.

Questions often asked by customers:
What is the purpose of the thermal fuse?
This is found in most Hot Towel Cabis and works like a normal Electrical fuse but is based on temperature rather than on current. So if the temperature gets excessively high and outside its specified range the fuse will cease working and will need replacing. The result being that the current is stopped being sent to the heating element. This is a back up safety mechanism for when the thermostat is not functioning properly.

Operating instructions document: Download PDF file.

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