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LED Magnifying Lamps
Desk top, bench top and on Stand

#CAPG005LED magnifier
Magnifiers with LED


Features: Glass Lens with LED Lights. The Lamp consists of 60 LED Lights.
These LED

Magnifying Lamps

have a Magnification of 3 dioptre plus a small 12 dioptre section.

Price: $89.


Magnifiers with Lamps using LED Lighting

Features: Modern slender stylish LED Mag Lamps with 90 LED Lights and round 5 dioptre Glass lens (12.5 cm).

Price: $185.

#CAPG091   Beauty LED Magnifier on Stand
(White - #CAPG091)

Features: These Magnifiers with LED Lights get Lighting via 90 LED Lights.
They have a round 5 dioptre Glass Magnifying lens (12.5 cm) and are preferred by many Beauty Salons.

Price: $255.

#CAPG040   Larger Magnifying Lens with LED Lights


Features: These LED Magnifiers consists of 108 LED diodes and rectangle 5 dioptre Glass lens.

Price: $235.

#CAPG041 LED Magnifier on stand
(White - #CAPG0041)

Features: These Magnifiers with LED Lights
have a rectangular Glass Magnifying Lens (17.75 x 15.5 cm) with 5 dioptre strength.

Lighting for these Magnifiers

uses 108 LED diodes.

Price: $319.

Magnifiers with Fluorescent Lamps.

Portable Magnifier Desk Lamps


Features: These white Magnifiers have a 10cm wide round Magnifying Glass lens with Magnification of 3 dioptre plus a small 12 dioptre section and uses 12 watt Bulb. Take anywhere and Portable.

Price: $62.
Fluorescent Desk or Bench Lamps
with Magnifier.


Features: These Beauty Magnifiers with Light
have a round Glass 5 dioptre lens (12.5 cm)
and 22 watt bulb.

Price: $109.
This item is out of stock.

Desktop Lamps with Magnifier lens

Features: Magnifiers with a Fluorescent Lamp.

Price: $169.
This item is out of stock.

Magnifying Lamps  
White Magnifiers with Lamp

(White - #CAPG008w)

Features: Standard Beauty therapy Magnifying Lamps. These Magi Lamps
have been favoured by Beauty Salons.

Price: $129.


Black Magnifiers with Light

(Black - #CAPG008b)

Features: Round Glass lens (12.5 cm width) and 22 watt circular globe.

Price: $129.

#CAPG012   Inspection Magnifiers with Lights
(White - CAPG012W)

Features: High quality rectangular Glass lens (17.75 x 15.5 cm) with 5 dioptre Magnification and 2 x 9 watt bulbs. Larger lens suitable for Beauty.

Price: $199.

#CAPG010   Lamps sourced by stronger Lights

Features: Model Discontinued.
New LED model available shortly.
Price: .
#CAPG009W   Pedestal model for Beauty
(White - #CAPG009W)

Features: Magnifiers with Light. These Lamps
have a round 5 dioptre Glass lens (12.5 cm) and a 22 watt round Fluorescent globe. Suits Beauty Salons.

Price: $209.

#CAPG009B   Magnifiers with Light on Stand
(Black - #CAPG009B)

Features: Same as Magnifier
just directly above this one but in black.

Price: $209.

#CAPG005L Light for CAPG005 Lamps - 12 watt globe, (13.5cm diam) (#CAPG005L). $13.50
#CAPG054 Suits CAPG008 Mag Lamps - 22 watt circular globe (#CAPG054). $15.00
Light for CAPG010 Lamps - 28 watt globe (#CAPG056). $25.00
Light for CAPG012 Lamps - 2 pronged 9 watt bulb (#CAPG053). $15.50
Suits CAPG012 Lamp - 4 pronged 9 watt bulb (CAPG053A). $15.50

CAPG055 13 watt bulb for now discontinued CAPG011 Lamps.

CAPG050W White wall Bracket for Magnifiers. $21.50

CAPG050B Wall Bracket - black. $21.50

CAPG051W Desk Clamps - large (white). $28.00

CAPG051B Table Brackets - large (black). $28.00

CAPG052W Table mount - small (white). $17.00

CAPG052B Table mount - small (black). $17.00

CAPG057W Table bracket - white. $20.00

CAPG057B Table bracket - black. $20.00

CAPG031W White 4 legged Floor Stand - suits Lighter Lamps. $99.00

CAPG031B Black 4 legged Floor Stand for Lighter Lamps. $99.00

CAPG030W  White five legged Floor Stand - suits heavy Lamps. $119.00


Black five legged pedestal for Magnifiers.

** All prices include GST. **

** More related Salon Supplies available in store. **

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