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Small desktop magnifier light models

White portable desktop Magnifier lamp - #CAPG005W   Magnifier desk lamp

Features: This magnifier light has a 10cm wide round glass lens, magnification is 3 dioptre (1.75x) plus a small 12 dioptre (4.0x) section. Light source ia a 12 watt circular globe. Has a heavy base for stability.

Price: $62 (incl GST)

Desktop magnifying lens with fluorescent bulb - #CAPG070
  Desktop magnifier lamp #CAPG070


Price: $169.00 (incl GST)
Sorry this item is currently out of stock.

Salon magnifiers

Magnifying lamp with light - #CAPG006B   Magnifier light (fix to table)

Features: Round magnifier light with glass lens (12.5 cm), 5 dioptre, 22 watt bulb.

Price: $109 (incl GST)
Sorry this beauty item is out of stock.
Salon standard beauty magnifying lamp with clamp - #CAPG008W  
Magnifying lamp with clamp

(White - #CAPG008w)

Features: Standard beauty therapy magnifying lamps - round glass lens (12.5 cm), 5 dioptre (2.25 times). Unit is fitted with a 22 watt round fluorescent globe. Also includes table clamp. Optional bracket to fit light to wall (CAPG050) $21.50 extra.This magi lamp is favoured by beauty salons.

Price: $129 (incl GST)

Magnifier lights with large rectangle lens - #CAPG012   Inspection magnifying glass
(White - CAPG012W)

Features: High quality rectangular glass lens (17.75 x 15.5 cm) with 5 dioptre magnification and 2 x 9 watt bulbs. Suitable for beauty where a larger lens is required.

Price: $199 (incl GST)

90 LED magnifying light for salons - #CAPG090   Magnifying glass with LED for beauty

Features: Modern slender stylish magnifier light, 90 LEDs, round glass lens (12.5 cm), 5 dioptre (2.25 times), includes table clamp.

Price: $185 (incl GST)

108 LED magnifying lamp - #CAPG040   Larger magnifying lens with LED

Features: 108 LEDS, rectangle glass lens, 5 dioptre (2.25 times) plus table clamp.

Price: $235 (incl GST)

Magnifying light - #CAPG010   Stronger light source model

Features: High quality rectangular glass lens, 5 dioptre plus additional 12 dioptre (4 times) small lens, 28 watt globe, includes table clamp.

Price: $245 (incl GST)

Magnifiers on pedestal

Magnifier light on pedestal - #CAPG009W   Beauty lamp magnifier on pedestal
(White - #CAPG009W)

Features: Round glass lens (12.5 cm) using 5 dioptre strength (2.25 times) and 22 watt round fluorescent globe. Standard beauty salon magnifier light.

Price: $209 (incl GST)

Magnifying light on pedestal - #CAPG009B   Magnifying light with stand
(Black - #CAPG009B)

Features: Same as magnifier lamp with light above directly above but in black.

Price: $209 (incl GST)

Magnifier lamp on pedestal - #CAPG091   Beauty LED magnifying lights with stand
(White - #CAPG091)

Features: This magnifying LED lamp has been bought by many beauty salons. It has a round glass lens (12.5 cm) using 5 dioptre lens strength (2.25 times) and uses 90 LEDs.

Price: $255 (incl GST)

Magnifying lens with LED on stand
(White - #CAPG0041)

Features: High quality rectangular glass lens (17.75 x 15.5 cm) using 5 dioptre strength. Light source is powered by 108 LEDs.

Price: $319 (incl GST)

Magnifying lens with LED on pedestal - #CAPG041  

Lamp and beauty equipment spare parts

Globe for CAPG005 - #CAPG005L

CAPG005L 12 watt circular globe (13.5cm diam).
22 watt globe - #CAPG054

CAPG054 22 watt circular globe for mag lamps.
28 watt globe - #CAPG056

CAPG056 28 watt globe
9 watt bulb - #CAPG053

CAPG053 2 pronged 9 watt bulb
9 watt bulb - #CAPG053A

CAPG053A 4 pronged 9 watt bulb
13 watt bulb for beauty - #CAPG055

CAPG055 13 watt bulb
White wall bracket - #CAPG050W

CAPG050W Wall bracket - white $21.50
Black wall bracket - #CAPG050B

CAPG050B Wall bracket - black $21.50
Large white clamp - #CAPG051W

CAPG051W Table clamp - large (white) $28.00
Large black clamp - #CAPG051B

CAPG051B Table clamp - large (black) $28.00
Small white clamp - #CAPG052W

CAPG052W Table clamp - small (white) $17.00
Small black clamp - CAPG052B

CAPG052B Table clamp - small (black) $17.00
White table bracket - #CAPG057W

CAPG057W Table bracket - white $20.00
Black table bracket to hold magnifier - #CAPG057B

CAPG057B Table bracket - black $20.00
White 4 legged floorstand - #CAPG031W

CAPG031W 4 legged floorstand, white $99.00
Black 4 legged floorstand - #CAPG031B

CAPG031B 4 legged floorstand, black $99.00
White 5 legged floorstand - #CAPG030W

CAPG030W  White 5 legged floorstand $119.00
Black 5 legged mag lamp stand - #CAPG030B

CAPG030B  Black 5 legged magnifier pedestal stand $119.00
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